Books by Dr. Gallardo

Developing Cultural Humility:
Embracing Race, Privilege and Power, 2nd Edition

In Developing Cultural Humility: Embracing Race, Privilege, and Power, Editor Miguel Gallardo invites a group of psychologists who represent various cultural backgrounds but identify as “White” to share their individual journeys toward recognizing, understanding, and embracing their unique cultural identities and experiences. Contributing authors discuss the challenges and triumphs involved in the pursuit of integration of multicultural and social justice concerns in their personal and professional lives. They share how they remain engaged in the continual practice of self-discovery while remaining culturally responsive and humble.

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The Myth of Racial Color Blindness
Manifestations, Dynamics, and Impact

Is the United States today a “postracial” society? Some might point to the election and reelection of an African American president as conclusive evidence of the progress made in race relations, but others look at current events and lingering divisions and reach much different conclusions. In this volume, top scholars in psychology, education, sociology, and related fields dissect the concept of color-blind racial ideology (CBRI), the widely held belief that skin color does not affect interpersonal interactions and that interpersonal and institutional racism therefore no longer exists in American society.

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Studies in Multicultural Counseling and Therapy

Designed for use in multicultural counseling courses, graduate-level practicum, or as part of a counseling techniques course, Case Studies in Multicultural Counseling and Therapy provides students with the opportunity to think critically and learn how to incorporate and apply multicultural skills and competencies in a treatment setting. This book features case studies from leading scholars and practitioners in the field and is written from both the perspective of the therapist/counselor and the client/consumer.

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Culturally Adaptive Counseling Skills

Culturally Adaptive Counseling Skills is a text for courses on multicultural counseling, this book is a practical volume that will help faculty and students see demonstrations of multicultural counseling in practice. The text covers evidence-based practices for working with five major ethnic groups, while weaving in other factors such as gender, disability, sexuality, and more. Each chapter has two case studies by an invited expert who also provides commentary and lessons drawing upon each case.

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Developing Cultural Humility:
Embracing Race, Privilege and Power

A book by Miguel E. Gallardo

Developing Cultural Humility offers a unique look into the journeys of psychologists striving towards an integration of multiculturalism in their personal and professional lives. Contributing authors—representing a mix of “cultural backgrounds” but stereotypically identified as “White”—engage in thoughtful dialogue with psychologists from underrepresented communities who are identified as established and respected individuals within the multicultural field. The contributing authors discuss both the challenges and rewards they experienced in their own journeys and how they continue to engage in the process of staying connected to their cultural identity and to being culturally responsive. In addition, psychologists who represent historically disenfranchised communities have similarly reflected on their own journey, while offering commentary to the personal stories of White psychologists.

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Developing Cultural Humility: Understanding How To Engage in Difficult Dialogues

This video series demonstrates how to generate more authentic and genuine multicultural dialogues and relationships and is an outgrowth to Dr. Gallardo’s book Developing Culturally Humility: Embracing Race, Privilege, and Power. The videos contain dialogues between “white” psychologists and psychologists who represent historically devalued communities. They discuss their personal and professional journeys and their ongoing goal of centralizing multicultural and social justice issues.

The video series instructs viewers how to better situate themselves in difficult dialogues, particularly at times when they might feel offended, don’t feel like they belong in the conversation, or simply do not have the energy to continue. These dialogues inform viewers how to think about enhancing their capacity to engage while creating more genuine and authentic multicultural relationships. The videos serve as a useful tool for professional development workshops, classroom discussions, and in professional consultations.

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Intersections of Multiple Identities

This casebook provides demonstrations of Evidence-Based Practice in Psychology (EBPP) with diverse clientele, focusing on multiple dimensions and intersections of identity and diversity. The integration of research and clinical expertise described in this volume allows the reader to examine, conceptualize and treat the multiple ways individuals identify themselves (ethnicity/race, religion/spirituality, disability, and sexual orientation). Each chapter is written by experts who illustrate their work in therapeutic encounters from an EBPP perspective, addressing various expressions of diversity in a culturally responsive manner.

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A Personal, Political and Contextually Relevant Psychology: Implementing Social Justice Principles in Practice and Community