Episode 37-Compton Health Bar: Bringing Health to the Hood

Sep 29, 2021

Dani Solorio (they/them) is a renowned herbalist and the founder of Compton Heath Bar, an holistic wellness space in Compton, California. Driven by their mission to bring health to the hood, Dani helps people reconnect to ancestral healing practices through their all-natural herbal remedies. Since 2012, she has been at the forefront of the wellness movement in Compton, as well as for the Latinx and LGBTQ+ community across the country. Dani and their movement to make holistic health more accessible have been featured in a mini-documentary by BESE, along with dozens of features in PBS, Found/LA, Los Angeles Business Journal, Voyage LA, LatinX, and numerous podcasts. She is also the residential herbalist for Telemundo’s hit show, Acceso Total.

Dani discusses who gets to decide what is legitimate healing and how their own work has a deeply rooted, ancestral history, that is often erased and silenced by Western and mainstream outlets when considering evidenced based methods of restoring health and wellness. Indigenous and ancestral healing methods only become a valid source of evidence when it is culturally appropriated by Western and mainstream cultures. They also discuss the importance of treating the whole person, while not blaming them for the health challenges they are facing.

Compton Health Bar has been gracious to offer Cultural Humility Podcast Listeners a 15% discount on all products that can be shared with family and friends. At checkout, please type the word “humility” as the discount code. For more information about the Compton Health Bar, please visit: https://comptonhealthbar.com/


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