I first learned from Dr. Gallardo at the 2021 AzABA Annual Conference. After hearing him speak, I knew he would be an exceptional leader for our company management training, focusing on cultural humility and responsiveness! Dr. Gallardo created and implemented a 4-series training over the course of several months for 130 management staff members. The virtual training included an introductory course, Remembering Who We Are and Why it Matters, which explored reflection, connectedness and how divisiveness and divide impact relationships. After creating a shared language and intention, Dr. Gallardo led the group through understanding unconscious bias and cultural humility, working towards being an anti-racist and ally at the individual level as well as working towards being an anti-racist organization. This training series was effective and Dr. Gallardo left a very positive impression with the team; he is supportive and compassionate in his approach while explicit in communicating critical content. His instruction was relatable, engaging and moving; data demonstrates a shift in staff perspective and understanding throughout the course of the trainings. We are thankful for Dr. Gallardo, the content he shared and resource he supplied. Highly recommend!

Dr. Sarah Duarte
Chief Development Officer, Arion Care Solutions, LLC

“When we set out to launch a new campus-wide speaker series focused on equity and inclusion, our first invited speaker was Dr. Miguel Gallardo. Miguel was a pleasure to work with from initial contact through to his campus presentation. Dr. Gallardo happily connected with students during a campus networking session, offered valuable insights and advice to our team of counselors and therapists in our Student Health and Counseling department, and provided a thoughtfully crafted public lecture to an assembled crowd of several hundred students, staff, and faculty. Dr. Gallardo’s talk served as the foundation for a continuing conversation on our campus about positionality, intersectionality, and cultural humility. We appreciated his generosity, openness, and accessible demeanor, along with his evident brilliance and expertise. He helped us spread an awareness of critical concepts to advance equity and antiracism on campus and we were lucky to have him as our guest.”

John Johnson, Ph.D.
Director, Inclusive Excellence Learning
California State University, Sacramento


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Dr. Miguel Gallardo has lifted the NAADAC audiences with this keen sense of cultural humility to a higher level of awareness and self-identification. Dr. Gallardo is a must to hear from and to learn from!” Cynthia Moreno Tuohy, NAADAC Executive Director.

Cynthia Moreno Tuohy, BSW, NCAC II, CDC III, SAP
Executive Director
NAADAC, the Association for Addiction Professionals

Dr. Gallardo was hired due to his reputation and his time with us did not disappoint! We hired him for two half-day trainings on cultural fluency when working with patients-clients, one with mental health providers and the other with medical providers. Each group was comprised of practitioners with different experience and interest in the topic, and Dr. Gallardo did a great job not only educating everyone but doing so in an engaging and collaborative fashion. He is humble, friendly, and everyone loved him! I would highly recommend him.

Dr. Geneva Reynaga-Abiko
Former Director, Counseling Services, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

Dr. Gallardo worked with us to personalize two separate day-long workshops for faculty and staff at Illinois Wesleyan University; one for faculty, entitled Discussing Cultural Humility: Evolving Perspectives about Self and Others and another for our medical providers in the Counseling and Health centers, entitled Liberating Latina/o Individuals and Families: A Personal, Relational and Contextually Relevant Psychology.
He was very thorough in his assessment of our culture, spending significant amount of time understanding the climate and morale, and gathering information about other diversity trainings that had been provided to understand the context of this training request. He made sure he complemented these workshops and added on to them, rather than being duplicitous in his trainings.
I wasn’t sure what to expect as the faculty training was “strongly encouraged,” so some attended with a bit of resistance. Within an hour of Dr. Gallardo’s presentation, faculty were fully engaged and participating. Not only were faculty and staff participating verbally, but they were willing to stand up and move around the room during interactive exercises, which involved faculty self-disclosing about their past experiences, their beliefs, discomfort in discussing sensitive issues with students and their personal evolving perspectives of cultural humility. Dr. Gallardo was authentic and extremely dynamic! He created a safe space for faculty to participate as he shared his expertise, while challenging faculty to self-reflect. This was the most engaging diversity training that I have seen faculty participate in at Illinois Wesleyan University in my 14 years in my position.
The second day workshop was for medical professionals (clinicians and health providers). He was amazing in providing a safe “holding environment” as the level of awareness and cultural sensitivity varied greatly among these professionals; this safe environment allowed for full participation by the health care professionals but also gave participants permission to be vulnerable and ask difficult questions.
Dr. Gallardo defined what Latina/o mean, introduced the concept of cultural humility, had engaging exercises with powerful visual aids. His emphasis on social justice and the use of specific community-based interventions and therapeutic models was extremely useful as these providers left with specific takeaways that they will use in their work with our increasing Latina/o students. As a result of Dr. Gallardo’s workshop, our professionals felt more equipped to work with students from other cultures and had a deeper appreciation of the importance of understanding their cultural perspective and being open, inviting and learning from others different from themselves.
Both of these workshops were scholarly and engaging. Faculty, staff and healthcare professionals gave Dr. Gallardo’s workshops high marks in our evaluations. They wished we had more time with him. I would highly recommend Dr. Gallardo for work with faculty and staff! He was outstanding!

Annorah S. Moorman, Ph.D.
Former Assistant Vice President and Executive Director of Health and Counseling at Illinois Wesleyan University (August 2005 – September 2019)
Currently serving as Associate Vice Provost for Student Success at Texas Christian University (October 2019 – present)

I would like to offer my highest recommendation for Dr. Miguel Gallardo to anyone seeking a consultant or presenter in the area of Diversity and Inclusion in organizations. Over the past number of years, I have listened to Dr. Gallardo weave this into many conversations and watched him embed this concept into his work. He is a past President of our organization, a past member of the California Board of Psychology, and in each of these roles he brought a unique perspective that was so valuable. He is a highly sought-after presenter on this sensitive content area. He is the first person I think of when considering a speaker on this topic.

Conversations about the impact of racism, cultural humility, sensitivity, and allyship are difficult. Dr. Gallardo has the gift of being able to create the kind of environment that allows each person to be heard, to feel respected, and to benefit both personally and professionally. He does not shy away from hard questions, and he asks good questions as well. He is a superb listener, and he makes it possible for a group or organization to grapple with these issues in a way that leads to real growth.
In a time when these conversations are needed more than ever, it is wonderful to know that Dr. Gallardo is available as a thought leader and teacher. Any organization will benefit greatly from including his expertise in efforts in this area.

Jo Linder-Crow, PhD
CEO, California Psychological Association


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