38-Broken Treaties and Broken Promises: COVID-19 and Native American Communities

Vicky Lomay, Ph.D., is a licensed clinical psychologist in Arizona. For more than two decades, she has focused on developing and interweaving culturally appropriate methods into her direct clinical work with different tribal communities of the Southwest. Her clinical work includes assessments, evaluations, and individual psychotherapy. She currently works with a tribal health services department in south-central Arizona. She also has a private consulting practice.
Dr. Lomay’s professional contributions include published works on developing and understanding cultural competency in neuropsychological/neurorehabilitation settings and most recently, co-editing a book on understanding Indigenous perspectives of hallucinations, visions, and dreams. Growing up on the Navajo Nation in Northern Arizona, she continues to maintain strong ties to her home community, tribal traditions, and language. The principles and values of her Dinè identity continue to inform and guide her personally and professionally.

APA Interview with Dr. Vicky Lomay: https://www.apa.org/monitor/2020/11/conversation-lomay

Dr. Lomay’s book:  https://titles.cognella.com/understanding-indigenous-perspectives-9781516544356


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